Flow Sale - Get a unique artpiece that will flow with you

Flow Sale

Get a unique artpiece that will flow with you

Claudia Romero

Professional Visual Artist and International Speaker. I have merged art and teaching in a practical and dynamic way.

With 15 years of experience as an Emotional Speaker and Family Counselor, I have worked for radio, group conferences and individual therapy sessions as well as Modeling agencies and different private institutions.

I have 5 years of experience as a painting teacher for groups of adults and school children in the Del Mar School District, where I implemented a new program called “Learn Spanish by Painting.” Approximately 180 children attended the program in the 2022 and 2023 school years.

As a professional artist, I have collaborated with nonprofit institutions by donating art.

I have created around 500 pieces of art and have participated in various art shows over the last 5 years in Del Mar, California, where I currently reside.

I serve my clientele through personalized commissions, creating new art pieces according to their preferences.

I have conducted conferences with Soul Healing workshops through art in San Diego, California, and Mexico.

Currently, my works are being exhibited in Rome, Italy, at the Medina gallery, part of the Duvulgarti group in Italy. Soon, my works will be in Milan in 2024 and other cities.

Creative colorful art in motion to bring life, hope, peace, happiness through paint and colors.

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