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Discover the Magic of Learning Spanish through Painting

Dec 7, 2023 | Events

The workshops offered at the Del Mar School District (DMSD) by Claudia Romero are a unique experience that combines the creativity of art with the wonderful adventure of learning Spanish. The children who participated in these workshops not only explored their artistic side but also immersed themselves in the fascinating world of the Spanish language.

What makes these workshops stand out is the clever combination of critical thinking activities and games that engage children’s minds, stimulating both brain hemispheres. The audiovisual support provided facilitated understanding, while activities such as illustrations, color identification, and word recognition took Spanish learning to a whole new level.

From watercolors to acrylics, children explored various painting techniques, turning each session into an exciting artistic adventure. “Learning Spanish through Painting” made the language learning process as colorful and vibrant as the paintings themselves.

In summary, these workshops are not only a charming introduction to the world of Spanish but also foster the holistic development of children. Claudia Romero has created a unique educational experience that leaves young artists with linguistic and creative skills they will cherish forever. An unforgettable experience that brilliantly fuses art and language!

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